What Drives the ‘Evil’ Character?

I have been pretty effective this weekend at getting some writing and drawing done despite the fact of working retail eight hours Saturday-Sunday-Monday. I am quite proud of that. I have written in the Creation of the Vampires script, drawn some more ideas for the Blackthorn Saga, and written over half of the introduction to Pouli: Ranger Lord of Carlindom. I’m quite proud. Now all I have to do is get the editing process into the mix again, and I’ll be in real good shape.

As I’ve been working on the characters of the Creation of the Vampires, I’ve been trying to make sure that all the characters are believable. No one out there is evil for evils sake (accept violent sociopaths, I imagine). There always has to be a reason for someone to be perceived as evil. As I look at our politicians and those who control our politicians, and we look at the flow of money and greed and lack of flow and trickling down (or lack thereof), it is easy to label our leaders as ‘evil.’ Everyone does what they think is a ‘good idea’ at the moment. No one intentionally goes and does something wrong – unless they intend to do it wrong, in which case they are still doing it ‘right,’- Hm. That sentence and idea got a bit away from me, didn’t it. Ah, well.

Nick and I have created a couple characters who are power hungry, hypocritical, and/or bigoted in some way. These characters are hard to make likeable. They believe they are doing what they think is the right thing to do. Rommit, the power hungry character, wants to be in power because he believes he can do a better job at running the country than the current king Rajhan, and the power goes to his head. The High Lord Exchequer Dassmar is trying to make sure that both the kingdom and the over-arching empire have good incomes through taxes, but he has a blind spot against those who are different from him – in particular the dwarven smiths in town. It’s tricky making them believable and likable and so people care what happen to them. It’s tricky writing, but it sure is fun to work at it! I hope that I can bring the whole complex web of stories and personal drives to a clear picture. I think we are on the right track.

Bralor by Nick O'Hollearn

Bralor by Nick O’Hollearn

I also wanted to share one of the Nick’s most recent drawings. This is one of the afore mentioned dwarven smiths. Meet Bralor, the elder dwarven brother – the more business oriented character. His brother Dwalor is a metal working genius. I’m looking forward to seeing Nick’s drawing of him.

I will be posting another entry on Wednesday, featuring the evolution of Blackthorn the dragon as I’ve been working on him over the last month and a half. See you then!

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