Thursdays, Nick O’Hollearn, and the Shannonian Empire

Hello on this Thursday. I’ve always liked Thursdays. I think they’ve pretty much been my favorite day of the week (not counting weekends). Today was also the first day where I have been able to really try to get back on schedule for my creative processes. I am pleased to report that I got some drawing and writing done, although the editing did fall to the wayside. Ah, well. I’ll be getting back on that tomorrow! I had a nice day anyway, playing and swimming with my family.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing what I’ve been drawing and writing, but today I’m going to write about a meeting that I had with Nick O’Hollearn, my creative comrade, as we endeavor to create the first of the Castle Zierath epic graphic novels. It will, ironically, actually be the third, chronologically, but it will likely be the first completed.

We met at the Magpie, one of the local coffee shops, for four hours. We picked up from where we left off two months ago, showed what we had worked on in the interim, and set up our next creative meeting.

We spent perhaps half the time working on the setting. We worked on the maps of the empire, kingdom, and city. Nick has spent a lot of time thinking about the architecture of the area and how it is going to change from the castle out to the edge of the city. We’ve figured out that the country – the Shannonian Empire – is made up of several smaller kingdoms which all pay tribute to the emperor, and the kingdom of Darrynovy, our characters’ home, is the second most prosperous and powerful in the empire. We had a lot of fun creating quick outlines for the other kingdoms, and have added elements more that will be important pieces of the overall story.

We did also set our goals for us to have done by our next meeting. Nick is going to have all the character designs done, and is going to have the start of the layout for the graphic novel done. I’m going to have the prologue script written, and all of the story elements of the farmer Agron, Queen Araya, Sheriff Nights’maron, the Lord Exchequer Dassmar, and the dwarven smiths completed, as well as random other scenes that will jump out at me.

I am enjoying the process. I wish I could write and draw a little faster, but I know that will come with practice and continued effort. I look forward to sharing some of the drawings that I have done. Keep tuned in for updates on the Castle Zierath world.

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