What Happened to June?

Greetings and salutations!

Yes, I am still alive. June has been a weird month…but, then again, when you are a writer, what month isn’t? I’ve been working along on my various projects as well as getting extremely distracted by the summer and the activities of summer. I was supposed to put myself on a regiment of writing, drawing, editing, and play. Well, I go the ‘play’ part down really well.

Throughout then next several months, I am asking you, my friends and readers, to help me stay on task. I am going to be posting here and in my various other social media areas at least two times a week to keep myself focused and motivated.

I am also going to be putting myself on a bit of a scheduled regiment. On days when I don’t work an eight hour shift, I am going to be: writing for an hour in one of the four writing projects I am working on; drawing for an hour, working on improving skills, reviewing what I have lost, and drawing Castle Zierath based images; and continuing the editing process on book 2: Pouli: Ranger Lord of Carlindom (which I was supposed to have done at the beginning of the summer – oops).

I look forward to sharing the various works that I have been and will be working on. Watch for the next posting on Thursday!

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