Vampires at the Magpie

Greetings, friends,

With my last post, I said that I would be meeting with Nick O’Hollearn so we could talk about our upcoming graphic novel. Nick and I did meet at the Magpie, one of the local coffee shops, and we hammered out the storylines.

We have decided that there will be thirteen full episodes in the graphic novel. There will also be one teaser and at least one, if not two, extended epilogues. Today I’ve spent some time working on a confrontation between two of the future vampires, Lilitu the half-giant and Gyshouto the racist trader. It makes for some good drama. Nick also wrote a narrative of the teaser, and I’m turning that into a script.

We do have the first two episode scripts almost fully done, as well as the episode 13. I am working my way from each end trying to get everything to line up without being to blatant about it.

The cast for our graphic novel is quite extensive. We have the nine future vampires, members of several of their families, townspeople, other incidental animals, monsters, and scary looking creatures. Nick has quite the set of characters on his plate, as well as the architecture for the kingdom of Darrynovy. As more designs are done, I’ll be adding pictures. Can’t wait!

All these challenges. We are having a blast.

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